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11.11.2019 02:30   Review: All the World’s a Grave in the Druid ‘Richard III’

Garry Hynes’s visually hypnotic interpretation of the tale of the crookback who would be king sees medieval England as a cold slaughterhouse.


11.11.2019 05:07   When Home Is a Big Broadway Stage

Kristin Chenoweth and Ian McKellen demonstrate the increasingly popular art of turning theater palaces into cozy parlors for confabs with fans.


10.11.2019 20:09   Review: Coffee With a Side of Isolation in ‘User Not Found’

The Next Wave festival’s latest digital dive: A tale of grief staged in a Brooklyn cafe that the audience only pieces together by smartphone.


06.11.2019 10:00   Édouard Louis Would Like to Talk About Theater Now

The French wunderkind’s books have quickly become magnets for the stage. Adaptations of “History of Violence” and “The End of Eddy” will play New York simultaneously.


11.11.2019 14:08   David Byrne and David Binder on Breaking Into the Mainstream

We interview two creative people in different fields in one wide-ranging conversation. This time: the producer and the musician.


08.11.2019 22:31   Review: The ‘Tina’ Musical Is One Inch Deep, Mountain High

Tina Turner gets the bio-jukebox treatment, with all its lows (emaciated storytelling) and one of its peaks (a star-making performance from Adrienne Warren).


08.11.2019 15:49   Review: Peter Dinklage Tackles ‘Cyrano’ Without the Nose

The Emmy-winning “Game of Thrones” star shows off his abundant charisma in a lachrymose musical adaptation of Rostand’s classic.


11.11.2019 07:55   The French Theaters Where the iPhone Is No Match for Guignol

French puppet theater captures hearts and minds the way no technology does. Guignol is one of several characters that have endured for centuries.


08.11.2019 05:15   Claire Foy and Matt Smith Meet Again, Onstage

The stars of “The Crown” are back together in a production in London.


11.11.2019 17:00   Emma Thompson Can’t Live Without Hannah Gadsby and Potato Scones

The star of “Last Christmas” shares the movies, books and baked goods that top her list of essentials.


07.11.2019 21:55   13 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend

Previews, openings and some last-chance picks.


07.11.2019 13:52   Tracy Letts Will Star in His Own Play on Broadway

“The Minutes,” which aims to capture fractious American politics by focusing on a City Council meeting, will also feature Armie Hammer and Jessie Mueller.


07.11.2019 02:45   Review: In ‘Reparations,’ Righting Wrongs Comes With a Cost

James Sheldon’s play examines what happens when trauma is used to material ends.


06.11.2019 02:45   Review: Getting Intimate at ‘Dr. Ride’s American Beach House’

In a witty new play by Liza Birkenmeier, restless friends find themselves challenged by the first American woman in space.


05.11.2019 22:21   Harry Potter’s Sophomore Slump: ‘Cursed Child’ Loses Steam on Broadway

Grosses have slipped in the show’s second year, though lower ticket prices may benefit fans.


05.11.2019 21:21   William B. Branch, Playwright of the Black Experience, Dies at 92

An ill-treated war veteran, Frederick Douglass, colonial oppression: Mr. Branch’s Off Broadway work on race ranged widely. He also made a mark in TV.


05.11.2019 16:13   A Choreographer Learns From the Club: ‘Live True, Dance Free’

Ephrat Asherie collaborates with her jazz pianist brother to place Ernesto Nazareth’s music in a world of breaking, house, hip-hop and vogue.


05.11.2019 05:28   Ann Crumb, Who Starred in ‘Aspects of Love,’ Is Dead at 69

She was also nominated for a Tony for her performance in the title role of “Anna Karenina” and was a member of the original cast of “Les Misérables.”


05.11.2019 04:20   Review: The Big Apple Circus Still Delivers

Sure, there’s some awkward innuendo. But that doesn’t spoil the annual thrill of seeing a troupe so effortlessly diverse, international and adept.


05.11.2019 04:16   Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen Surprise ‘Freestyle Love Supreme’

To promote their new film, the actors took to the Broadway stage, and the cast turned their cheeky banter into an impromptu love song.